If after going through the info below you are interested in joining the Power Of Smart Money Group , please make sure to complete the simple 2min questionnaire using the link at the bottom of this page  as only after completion can I get in touch.


Over the last few months we have generated some really good returns by capitalizing on some HIGH PROBABILITY TRADE SET UPS in the Financial markets. These offers and opportunities present themselves every so often but the key is to be patient. Below are some of our outcomes.

Sept 2017 -Nov 2017              : £10,000 – £30, 000

March 2018 – March 2018   : £10,000 – £17,000

May 2018 –                               ( Live trades are on going, check out video upload)


We are tagging our activities as the The Power of Smart Money. In some respects it is easy, we remain patient , stay disciplined, plan our trades ahead of time and the rest takes care of itself.  . It is literally like reaching up into the skies and grabbing a handful of money time and time again when the signals present themselves.. Its really that simple.

That said, a lot of us might know or not know about the opportunities in the Financial markets, might or might not have traded before but either way, it is important to know that it is relatively easy to make money from the Forex or Financial Markets so long as you have the right experience. As a result, I am basically going to demonstrate this reality with a few smart but opportunistic individuals who are willing to take a little bit of risk for a huge potential profit and collectively build out from there.

So welcome to PSM  the The Power of Smart Money.

Make 50% return on your money. Yes I said it. Potentially bank 50% in a month.

DURATION : 15 – 90 days max

We are capitalizing on price movement up or down in the financial markets(Currencies(Forex) and Indices).

WHAT IS THE CATCH: You take 50% of the profits and I take the other 50%.


STRENGTH: There is a 70-80% probability of successful trades. Basically a very high chance of winning and banking some deniros.

WEAKNESS: As with every business opportunity there is a chance  things don’t go as planned, so with this business opportunity/offer there is a 20-30% chance that some of the trades we put on won’t turn out to be profitable.
Do Note: No Risk No Profit.

OPPORTUNITY:  Identifying high probability winning trade set ups on different financial instruments ( Forex, commodities and indices charts ) that I would have been monitoring from anywhere from a day to a few months and have basically come home to roost  or to be capitalized on. In short it will be criminal not to take these trade set ups.

NOTE: these are the type of trade set ups that the big boys in the city wait patiently  for months to trade, BANK MILLIONS and go on holiday for the rest of the year.

THREAT: You need money to make money but No Risk means No Profits so there is always a Threat/Risk that you could lose SOME of your money if the trades don’t work out as initially planned  but as this is not gambling but taking calculated risks to make profits we will restrict any losses to a maximum draw down of between 50-70%. A simple worst and best case example is illustrated below

Worst Case: If you join the PSM group  with a £100 and it all goes pear shape then worse ways you get back between £30-£50, meaning worst case scenario you risked a maximum of £50 – £70 from your £100

Best Case: If you joined the PSM group with a £100 and it all goes according to plan then you get back £100 + £50

TO JOIN the Power Of Smart Money Group
Minimum: £100
Maximum: £500

1. All funds to be wired to a business account so there is evidence of payments
2. Payment Ref: First 3 letters of your name and your mobile phone number..Example Rhi07984425635
3. A simple business loan contract with the parameters will be sent across to you to sign and send back before funds are wired.
4. A quick chat with me if you have some immediate questiions.

I shall send a snap shot of our trading account balance twice a week alongside one recorded broadcast of our live trading account every week until all positions are closed out.

1. Compile your questions first and send to me via WhatsApp.
2. Send me 3 convenient times to call you morning afternoon and evening
3. I will indicate via whatsapp what time i will call and you can expect my call during that window especially if your questions cant be answered via whatsapp.


1. Every Monday between 830-930pm I will be having a live webinar for people who want to ask me questions about the trades or just trading in general.
2. Trading platform to be used is IG Index or ETX Capital(MT4)
3. Any Profits and Base capital will be wired back to the same account it came from.

8+ years experience trading the financial markets. Only started to make some serious money in the last year and a half after years of pain and frustration(Dedication and commitment eventually pays off).
In addition, my team and I are currently setting up a private Equity Group for investment in Africa, UK and the Caribbean and if you are reading this narrative then you are on our website.

If interested in joining the Power Of Smart Money Group , please make sure to complete this simple 2 min questionnair by clicking on the link below and I will be in touch shortly after.

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