About GroExpo Membership Club & Joining

GroExpo Membership Club! What a beauty of an idea as it comes with so mamy benefits, perks and advantages.

You Can Work Hard, But If You Dont Work Smart, You’ll Work For The Rest Of Your Life. Let the video below give you an illustration of how the concept works. Hit the play button.

For most people, having to part with a considerable amount of money in one fell swoop to invest in a business opportunity is not that easy due to day to day financial commitments. As a result we are thinking to pilot a monthly Membership programme which would have 3 levels of memberships( Silver, Gold & Platinum ) to reduce the financial burden but still give you an opportunity to be a part of a group that is creating wealth by investing in different business opportunities in Africa, the Caribbean and or the UK as well as giving you access to numerous other benefits and advantages if you are a member.


1. You get a quarterly or bi-annual income (You could call this Cash back)
2. You own part of the diversified investment portfolio( Tech, Properties, Agriculture etc)
3. Access to stay at our investment holiday homes if you go on holiday across Africa & the Caribbean
4. Invite to our quarterly or bi-annual or Yearly Membership Parties
5. Possibility to sell your membership on in the future (Not sure why you would do this but its an option)
6. At a strategic time in the future your membersip automatically converts into a equity stake in GroExpo Group