GroExpo is a forward thinking private equity group servicing the financial needs of its numerous individual and business partners across the different industries we operate.

Established in 2013 with a vision to be a force for positive productive change by being a solution driven outfit in territories where our expertise and investments are mostly needed and where we can have a lasting impact and leave a legacy that is unrivalled. GroExpo has slowly but organically began to galvernise promising partnerships of all types towards the achievement of its ambitions.

What is GMC?

GMC is a platform created with the sole purpose of exposing regular black folks to black businesses and investment opportunities that create WEALTH by facilitating the pooling of financial resources.

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Benefits Of GMC?

1. Automatically become a shareholder in GroExpo

2. As a member you will be signing up to own a share of our diversified investment portfolios ( Tech, land & Properties, Finance,Agriculture, Tourism, stock/Currency Markets etc)

3. You get to exploit a financial tool called leverage by utilising OPT & OPM and your money will start working for you day and night 365 days of the year.

4. You will be positioning yourself to benefit from accelerated Wealth Creation which also doubles as leaving a legacy of Inter Generational Wealth that can handed down to your children and future generations..

5. Access to a power network of seriously driven and like minded individuals.( Afterall your network is your networth).

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More Benefits Of GMC?

1. Get discounts from strategic partners up and down the UK, Africa or the Caribbean (Airlines, Restaurants,Events).

2.You will be signing up to an organisation whose management team wants to conquer the world business wise, generate maximum profits for its shareholders.

3.You will be giving back to society through all of our philanthropic endeavors.
4.You become a part of history, a part of Black Excellence positioning to leave Wills and not bills.

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GMC short for GroExpo Membership Club is a platform or process that facilitates the bringing  of people together to 
Connecting Entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas to Investors with capital to help incubate, grow, expand and mature is one of our core disciplines
Your network is your net-worth period!! And as the saying goes, no one person is an island and at any point in time one might need access to angel investors, mentors, better expertise to be
We have all heard of the saying that the rich keep getting richer and the distance between the Haves and the Have Nots seems to widen every single day. Putting our critical thinking hats on, One should ask themselves Why is this the ....


The Future Is Here when more people like the likes of the team at GroExpo start thinking it is their birth-right to own the future narrative of the development of Africa. Watch Taj express some of his feelings in the video next door.

 Africa is the next frontier and Africans should be willing and ready to build and develop the continent to their own  specifications whilst fully and totally owning the narrative. Opportunities to create wealth are in abundance so we need not have any excuses.

Tajudeen Sadiku