If after going through the info below you are interested in joining the Power Of Smart Money Group , please make sure to complete the simple 2min questionnaire using the link at the bottom of this page  as only after completion can I get in touch.


There is a saying THINK BIG BUT START SMALL. Another saying from my mentor Les Brown is Shoot for the stars and even if you miss you will land among the stars.

The reason for the above quotes are for perspective relative to the beginnings and visions for the PSM Group. Simply put the intention is to grow the PSM Group to a level where we are generating millions of pounds in profits annually over a period of time thus creating a secondary income for ourselves.


Over the last few months we have generated some really good returns by capitalizing on some HIGH PROBABILITY TRADE SET UPS in the Financial markets. These offers and opportunities present themselves every so often but the key is to be patient. Below are some of our outcomes.

Sept 2017 -Nov 2017             : £10,000 – £30, 000

March 2018 – March 2018  : £10,000 – £17,000

May 2018 –                     ( Waiting for our next High Probability Trade set Ups)


For the most part, The Power of Smart Money Trading is a pretty simple concept, we plan our high probability trade set-up orders to buy or sell the market ahead of time, we remain patient, we stay disciplined and allow the trades to trigger automatically and the rest takes care of itself.  Executing the above process over and over again can literally feel like reaching up into the skies and grabbing a handful of money time and time again just like clock work.

Needless to say,  there is so much scope to make a lot of money from the  Financial markets so long as you have the right experience, strategy, risk management and decent amount of trading capital in place(quite key).

As a result, I am going to be demonstrating this reality with a few smart but opportunistic individuals who are willing to take on a little bit of risk for a huge potential profit and collectively build out from there.

So welcome to PSM  the The Power of Smart Money if you manage to make it into the group.


Offer 1.  Guaranteed 10% ROI every 3-12 months £100- £4500

Offer 2.  Guaranteed 12% ROI every 3-12 months £5000- £10,000

Offer 3.. Guaranteed 15% ROI every 3- 12 months £15,000- £25,000

Offer 4..  High Stakes 35% ROI every 3- 12   months  £15,000-£25,000

Offer 5.   Coming soon

TAKE NOTE: There is a high chance I might be able to deliver any of the offers 1 or 2 twice in a 12 month calendar period  but I would rather under promise and over deliver rather than over promise and under deliver. Once the first round of payments have all been made a decision will be made whether or not to go again for the first year.


We are capitalizing on price movement up or down in the financial markets(Currencies(Forex) , Indices and Commodities).

WHAT IS THE CATCH: There is no catch, I have simply developed systems that work so very confident of delivering the interests guaranteed in the time duration promised.


Test  Watch Demo:  I hook you up to my  PSM Demo Whatsapp  group for a minimum maximum of 1 to 3 months  where you keep an eye on our profitable trading balance and trades on a weekly basis until you feel confident enough to put some money to work @  OFFERS 1 or 2 .

Test  Watch Live: If you are less risk averse and would like to jump into earning and making money straight away then I  hook you up to my  PSM-Live Whatsapp group under any of the OFFERS 1 or 2 with any money amount you are comfortable with between £100 – £10,000 (My advise, start relatively small and build up confidence with time and profits earned)

Test  Watch Advance : After  a minimum of  2 years of offers 1 or 2 you will be allowed to join my  PSM -Advanced-Live Whatsapp group under any of the OFFERS 3, 4 or 5. Offer 5 will allow part ownership of my company but to be discussed in the future.


STRENGTH: There is a 70-80% probability of successful trades. Basically a very high chance of winning and banking some deniros.

WEAKNESS: 20-30% chance that some of the trades I put on won’t turn out to be profitable, not an issue as its part of how the business works ( nature of the beast) but as this is not gambling but taking calculated risks to generate profits, net net we should have more profits generated from our wins than losses. As they say,  No Risk No Profit.


OPPORTUNITY:  Making Money from identified high probability winning trade set ups on different financial instruments ( Forex, commodities and indices charts ). Some of these high probability trade set ups would have been monitored anywhere from a day to a few months and will be criminal not to capitalize on set ups.

THREAT: Well, these are any instances which would be totally out of my control for example new laws being introduced like ESMA recently in the UK and Europe or the trading platform provider going bust etc. The platform provider going bust is HIGHLY UNLIKELY as I have chosen the biggest and best provider in the space who are FCA regulated across the UK territory as well as the financial bodies in all the territories they operate. Basically the threats are minimal.

TO Join the Power Of Smart Money Group Live
Minimum joining amount:      £100 (Offers 1 or 2)
Maximum Joining amount:    £10,000 (Offers 1 or 2)

TO Join the Power Of Smart Money Group Demo

Minimum joining Fee:      £0
Maximum Joining Fee:    £0
Duration :                              1-3months

1. A simple signed business loan contract with clauses & parameters will be sent across which will the form the basis of our business agreement.
2. All funds to be wired to a business account.

1.  Every friday or Saturday  you will receive a snapshot similar to the one below of my trading balance  and current positions so you can also monitor how your money is working for you.  This will continue until my financial commitments to you has been honored.


1. Trading platform to be used is IG Index
2. Some of my trades can be found on our Youtube channel below

8+ years experience trading the financial markets. Profit generation kicked in about a year and a half ago after years of pain and frustration making and losing money in the markets(Dedication and commitment eventually pays off, so now is PayBack time and why not take a few people along with me and generate a secondary income for them).

In addition, my team and I are currently setting up a Private Equity Group for investment in Africa, UK and the Caribbean and if you are reading this narrative then you are on our website.


1. If interested in joining the Power Of Smart Money Group , please make sure you complete the simple 2 min questionnaire by clicking on the link below and I will be in touch shortly.
2. Compile all the questions you have and add it on the questionnaire in the relative section  and I will be more than happy to answer them during our call back conversations.

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