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You simply cant go wrong INVESTING IN AGRICULTURE & Food Security

As an African living in the diaspora or in Africa today you should feel ashamed and outraged that in this day and age there is still the word famine used synonymously with the continent of Africa. A continent that should be self sustaining as it has enough arable land to farm and feed its citizens has been reduced to going begging cup in hand for aid primarily from the West.

We have not got time to play the blame game, lets just do what is right by coming together and seizing the opportunity to bring about change on a grande scale as this is VERY POSSIBLE.

Lets get organised, pool resources, skills and bring about positive change.


1. You make a lot of money

2. You create wealth for yourself and family

3. You create employment

4. Increased Food security on the continent and reduction of starving children and families

5. You improve the economies on the continent

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