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Black Excellence! Black Enterprise!!

As that sea of change blows across the world and brings with it a new awakening of sleeping giants, it is inevitable that like minds will come together with a core agenda of Black Excellence, Black Enterprise, Inter-Generational Wealth Creation across Africa, the UK & Caribbean. Out of nothing came something and out of something came GroExpo.

  • Nothing can stop us. We Dream :: We Dare:: We Dare :: WE Create :: We Grow :: We Expand . Period!!
  • We Stay transparent, honest, respectful and diligent in all our engagements with our members. Pillars to success.

Black Excellence Black Enterprise should be the status quo. Dont ask me what happened but something went amiss a long long time ago for us to find ourselves where we currently stand, way behind the financial and economic curve in comparison to other races. For GroExpo the vision is crystal, less talk more action with a very necessary utilisation of tools like strength in numbers, OPT, OPM  to give us that needed leverage to close the wealth gap that currently exists within our communities. Aim for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars. The next 5 to 25 years shall see the rebirth and the resurgence of a people on all fronts of empowerment as for far too long have we stayed a-slumber and put up with mediocrity from all corners of our communities.

Architects of our Future and the future of future generations.

We believe in owning the narrative of the change sweeping across the continent and the minds of of sleeping giants and with that comes dedication commitment focus and hard work to achieve outstanding results of black excellence. We shall overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.



Building trust and coming together for a common cause and goal.


Investing in a diversified investment portfolio(Agriculture, Tech, Property, Stocks etc ) with a strong footprint across Africa which offers the biggest scope for growth.


Deliver profitable results year on year and create that inter-generational wealth for our members & shareholders.


5 Quick Reasons

  • To become A multi million pound revenue generating business over the next 5-20years 
  • Have a Global Business Footprint with Africa at the core of our Wealth Portfolio as well as the UK and Caribbeans
  • To facilitate the creation of Jobs within our community
  • To accelerate the building & growing of Black Businesses by supporting and investing in our entrepreneurs across all sectors
  • To actively engage in philantropic causes in Africa, UK, Brazil & the Caribbeans.

Giving you that Unfair Advantage In business.

Frequently asked questions

Its a process and trust has to be earned over time. We are confident that over time our community will come to realize that we have their best interests at heart and rally around our cause to accelerate our progress.

At the top of the list has to be Marcus Garvey, considering what he was able to achieve during a difficult era. Warren Buffet is also up there and throw in Dangote, Oprah Winfrey too.

The more you give the more you get and we at GroExpo truly believe its our responsibility to share and be of benefit to the less privileged and to the communities we operate .


If you want to go fast  go alone but if you want to go far go together.