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Tajudeen Sadiku

CEO President

The true measure of a person is not what you can take from this world but what you can give to this world.

Business is about relationships, trust, a strong code of ethics and not losing sight of the best interests of all parties involved from the customers to the partners to the shareholders to the communities we serve.

GroExpo: We Dream We Dare We Create We Grow We Expand!


Maryam Enifeni

Marketing Manager

An avid believer in all things African. From her perspective, change is in the hands of the people not the leaders.

With a background in Strategy and Planning, Fola now works as an Account Executive in the Marketing and Advertising industry. When she isn’t thinking of the great potentials to be tapped in the Continent, catch Fola making her way through the list of “100 must read” compiled by The Telegraph or in the gym weightlifting with the lads.


Franklyn Frantos

Business Development Executive

Believing in all things African..

A recent engineering graduate with an entrepreneurial mind that sees growth and change as an opportunity and wants to be part of a team of like minded individuals who share that vision. My Engineering background means that I am always looking for a solution and the entrepreneur in me constantly looks for a way to create value.


Samvura Mpofu

Director Of Finance

I strongly believe that wealth is in the consciousness of a people and not in their lands, but in their minds. I also believe in the power of creation, that the power to create is in the hands of man kind, however we need to nuture and execute this power with a new paradigm for a new legacy.

Africa is still the world frontier and always will be. The peoples of the continent have been put to slumber for far too long, and it is time the African dinosaur returns from extinction and rises like a phoenix from the burning ashes.....

The future is Africa. It is time to make Afrika great again. As long as we employ critical thinking and anlaysis, we are bound to make strides in the right direction and garner as much power as possible to transform our world.....


Melissa Noel

Chief Financial Officer

About time Africans owned the narrative of the development of its people and land. Loving this GroExpo mission to accomplish greatness.

Loving this GroExpo mission to accomplish greatness.


Natasha Henry

Business Analyst

I work as a data analyst but also have experience in web editing & website management, database building and administration. I speak Spanish and Mandarin, possess qualification in Agile project management and I'm currently in the process of completing a course in Finance. I believe that our Black community should start to recognise their power and strength as a race of resilient, blessed and highly talented people and although we may have been denied the opportunity to shine & prosper, things are changing.

I look forward to being part of that change and GroExpo is a brilliant example of our willingness to change the status quo. Therefore, with every skill, talent and capability that I possess, I will dedicate that to the betterment of my people. The time has come for us to remember who we are so that we can begin to use our power to create the future we desire"