GroExpo Membership Club  is a platform created with the sole purpose of facilitating the pooling of financial resources exposing regular black folks to black businesses and investment opportunities that create WEALTH by facilitating the pooling of financial resources. 

For most people, having to part with a considerable amount of money for investments in lucrative business opportunities that come their way can be quite challenging due to day to day financial commitments. As a result we have structured 5 affordable monthly payment plans which will enable members to be in a position to participate and gain exposure to lucrative investment opportunities across Africa, UK and the Caribbean without breaking the bank.

That said, as we tunnel deeper into the 22nd century, the gap between the haves & the have nots, the rich & the poor is forever increasing with no signs of abating. If you are not already in the top 10% of wealthy people in the world you need to get maximum exposure to different types of Investment Vehicles as soon as possible and as quickly as possible to have any chance of catching up and closing that gap. GMC is that vehicle that will help accelerate your wealth creation journey through some of the benefits on offer.