GroExpo operates as a solution driven outfit focusing its expertise in identifying, investing and managing its short, medium and long term investments. Our funds are geared towards investments in high growth markets with a bias towards start ups, early stage businesses and the acquisition of tangible assets . Our hand picked management team with unrivalled experience work hard to ensure that our organisations targets and objectives are achieved. We engage in ventures and opportunities that lead to long term sustainable incomes, revenue generation for scalability, expansion and profits.


AFRICA: Over the last few years capital inflows into the MINT region has been on the rise with smart money positioning itself for the near double digit growth forecast to be experienced in these territories over the next 10-15 years as the scramble for Africas resources and wealth intensifies. GroExpo believes in the African growth story going forward and as a result we are strategically planning and building mutually beneficial individual and business partnerships towards becoming a big player in this space.


CARIBBEANS: Similar to Africa though on a much smaller scale, opportunities to create wealth remain untapped and under exploited. So we are building bridges of exposure into some of the economies in this region for the financial benefits of our partners and social good of the people.


UK: As a more developed economy there are opportunities to capitalise on but the competition is firece and expensive. Our approach towards this market is to identify established SME’s with strong growth possibilities to partner with and benefit from their growth trajectory. A few start ups might also fall within our remit of having a competitive advantage, scalability and sustainability that can lead to the achievement of our goals and objectives within the territory.



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