GroExpo Membership Club GMC coming soon


Benefits Of GroExpo Membership Club!

1. As a member of GMC you automatically become a shareholder in GroExpo

2.By being a member you will be signing up to own a share  of our diversified investment portfolio( Tech, land & Properties, Agriculture, Tourism, stock/Currency Markets etc)

3.You get to exploit a financial tool called leverage by utilising OPT & OPM. Your money will start working for you day and night 365 days of the year.

4.You will be positioning yourself to benefit from accelerated Wealth Creation which will also double as Inter Generational Wealth that can handed down to your children and future generations..

5.Access to stay at your investment holiday homes at a discount  if you go on holiday across Africa & the Caribbean.

6.You will be signing up to an organisation whose management team wants to conquer the world business wise and be philanthropic in its endeavors.

7.You will be signing up to and have access to  a power network of seriously driven and like minded individuals.( Afterall your network is your networth).

8.Invite to mingle at our quarterly, Bi-annual or Yearly Membership Parties.

9.Get discounts on prices from a number of strategic partners up and down the UK, Africa or the Caribbean (Airlines, Restaurants,Events).

10.You become a part of history, a part of Black Excellence  positioning to leave Wills and not bills.

11.Gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in your journey to getting out of the Rat Race sooner rather than later.

12.Puts you in a position to retire early but leave a legacy of Inter-Generational-Wealth.

13.With the GMC Concept, Together Everybody Achieves More.


You Can Work Hard, But If You Dont Work Smart, You will Work For The Rest Of Your Life.

GMC: SILVER ::  GOLD :: PLATINUM :: DIAMOND :: PWYW memberships coming soon.

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GMC Joining Link coming soon. But if you would like to register your interest early, do send us an email with the title GMC and we will keep you informed on updates.