• Tajudeen Sadiku (Founder)

    The true measure of a person is not what you can take from this world but what you can give to this world.

    Business is about relationships, trust, a strong code of ethics and not losing sight of the best interests of all parties involved from the customers to the partners to the shareholders to the communities we serve.

    GroExpo: We Dream We Dare We Create We Grow We Expand!

  • Samvura Mpofu (Director of Finance)

  • Franklyn Frantos (Business Development)

    A recent engineering graduate with an entrepreneurial mind that sees growth and change as an opportunity and wants to be part of a team of like minded individuals who share that vision. My Engineering background means that I am always looking for a solution and the entrepreneur in me constantly looks for a way to create value.

  • Maryam Enifeni Marketing (Online & Offline)

    An avid believer in all things African. From her perspective, change is in the hands of the people not the leaders.

    With a background in Strategy and Planning, Fola now works as an Account Executive in the Marketing and Advertising industry. When she isn’t thinking of the great potentials to be tapped in the Continent, catch Fola making her way through the list of “100 must read” compiled by The Telegraph or in the gym weightlifting with the lads.

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders not followers.