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Multipurpose Events Halls

A Multipurpose Events Hall to cater to events, meet ups, entertainment and general purpose activities of businesses and individuals from the community.

This a long overdue asset needed at the very minimum in London and Birmingham and the profit margins are quite good in addition to charitable benefits to the community at large.

Case details

Client name:
GroExpo & Direct Investors
London & Birmingham
Surface Area:
Min 5000sq ft
Oct 2019
On going
£500k - 1M

What client say

Raisinig finances is always a challenge especially when the investment idea is over a medium to long term horizon. :

  • Buildings Big Enough For Purpose :

    Birmingham fortunately offers quite a bit of choice at the right price point while London is a nightmare as big enough venues come with a big big price tag .

  • Strategic Location:

    You have heard it all before, location location location is so key to such a venture.

  • Community Support:

    Owning the asset is half the job done, we need the community to come out in full force and make the venues the number one spot to hire.

  • Solutions

    leveraging the power of the people along side direct investors into the project should deliver the necessary funds needed for the delivery of both multipurpose halls.

The numbers that support this business, business case, pros and cons acan be found here .:

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